New ‘model office’ solution to help local government achieve Digital by Default

Ricoh and Kofax have launched a new ‘model office’ solution for local government to enable the instant capture and distribution of critical information upon arrival. The ‘model office’ solution will enable local government organisations to instantly capture incoming communications, whether it be paper or digital format with intelligent routing of documents into both workflows and repositories.

According to a press release, previously, delays in mail room arrivals in the public sector have led to delays in the digitisation and sharing of information, which can hinder public services.

Ricoh is a  technology company specialising in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services headquartered in Tokyo while Kofax provides smart capture and process automation software and solutions.

According to Derek Kilroe, Director, Government, Kofax UK & Ireland: “Local government organisations can now achieve digital by default by completely eradicating the delays often associated with the arrival of paper-based correspondence, with information instantly digitised and shared with the relevant decision-makers. By capturing all information at the point of entry, public sector organisations will be able to speed up decision-making processes, whilst improving services, delivering increased value for money for taxpayers.”

The ‘model office’ solution will also enable the accurate capturing and archiving of audit trails and workflows, enabling greater adherence to compliance policies and faster response times. The solution will also help reduce license costs via an enterprise license model, allowing for scalable cost allocation depending on the needs and size of the organisation.

“Digitising critical documentation at the point of entry will empower local government organisations to deliver first class services to the public. It will also help equip workers in the public sector with the information they need, in whatever department they work, to make faster, more accurate decisions, giving them increased freedom to operate” said Alasdair McCormick, Director – Government, Ricoh UK.


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