Environment Agency selects Geocortex Essentials for EasiMap application

Following a procurement options appraisal, The Environment Agency has selected Geocortex Essentials as part of its Strategic Mapping Platform and next generation EasiMap application. 1Spatial, the UK and Ireland reseller for Latitude Geographics, supplied Geocortex Essentials and helped the Environment Agency implement the EasiMap application.

EasiMap is the Environment Agency’s primary web-GIS application, providing geographic information, comprehensive map and data navigation, querying and reporting, as well as a range of purpose-specific tools via a browser to internal users.

EasiMap will be available to 12,000 people around England through the Environment Agency. On average, over 3,000 people will log into the system via the internal intranet every day.

Rob Jones, Head of Mapping and GIS, Environment Agency, said: “The agility of Geocortex is excellent and it is very easy to manage and configure. The fact that business or data people can configure EasiMap, as opposed to IT specialists is a real bonus to us.  The 1Spatial team have provided good support and helped us out with any problems.  They have always communicated really well and have helped us with development where the solution needed to be customised for our needs.  1Spatial will provide ongoing support for the product”.

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