SAS launches software to modernise public security organisations

A new software suite from SAS will help modernise public security organisations worldwide, while managing both big data and big budget deficits, the company has said in a press release.

The new platform combines SAS® Analytics and SAS Security Intelligence with Memex’s secure search and intelligence-management technologies. The new offerings are the culmination of SAS’ 2010 acquisition of Memex, a worldwide leader in intelligence management.

Across developed and developing worlds alike, public security budgets are being slashed and resources cut,” says Ian Manocha, Vice President for SAS Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (AP). “Yet pressure mounts for improved results against increasingly sophisticated, globalised and technologically advanced criminals and terrorists. SAS is the first packaged offering to help agencies manage and connect intelligence silos, dip into open-source data streams and apply big-data analytics to stay one step ahead of the criminals – all cost-effectively and securely.”

Part of a broader suite of security intelligence solutions that address fraud, financial crimes and cybersecurity, the new SAS portfolio covers four critical areas of public security: law enforcement, national security, fusion centres and border control.

  • SAS for Law Enforcement – Helps law enforcement combat crime and terrorism more effectively, enhance customer service, improve officer safety and ensure compliance while reducing cost
  • SAS for Intelligence Management – Makes it easier for agencies to direct, track and audit information as it moves throughout the system.
  • SAS for Fusion Centers – Consolidates information from diverse sources and formats, creating a single, consistent view of intelligence to prevent terrorist and criminal activity.
  • SAS for Border Management – Helps border and customs officers accurately identify high-risk travellers and freight with less disruption to legitimate passengers and cargo.

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