BT Cornwall joint venture to see BT provide telehealth and telecare services

BT, Cornwall Council, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Peninsula Community Health have agreed to a 10-year joint venture called BT Cornwall which will see BT take over Peninsula’s telehealth service, making it one of the biggest telehealth and telecare suppliers in the country, with 12,200 users. It will also provide other services such as delivering document management and internal customer access.

The telecare services will include gadgets like alarm pendants while telehealth will allow patients with long-term conditions to monitor their symptoms from home.

BT Cornwall is registered with the Care Quality Commission and accredited by the Telecare Services Association Integrated Code of Practice.

Cornwall Council will pay BT £over the 10 years but hopes to achieve cost savings of £17.6m during that period.

According to BT, “Peninsula Community Health and Cornwall Council are working with BT to develop their already successful telehealth and telecare services.

“A centre of excellence, based in Cornwall, is allowing that knowledge to be grown, shared and used throughout the UK, supporting BT’s ambition to become the largest supplier of telehealth services in England by the end of the year.”

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