Plymouth City Council hopes to save £27m with shared ICT services

Plymouth City Council is set to establish a new company, DELT, to provide ICT services which it will share with four other public sector organisations. It is hoped that the company will save £27 million over ten years with the council saving £12 million of that. 100 staff members from Plymouth City Council will transfer by TUPE to the new company.

Peter Smith, deputy leader of Plymouth City Council, said: “We are pleased with the progress of this business case and fully support being one of the first organisations to sign this off. Moving towards sharing ICT services will help make some of those much needed budget cuts without impacting on customer service or delivery. In fact, in some respects it will provide us all with the opportunity to improve customer interaction.”

Following a due diligence process assets and budgets will be transferred from partners to DELT on 1 April 2014.

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