Hounslow Borough Council has faith in the G-Cloud


Hounslow Borough Council has been singing the G-Cloud’s praises, claiming the framework will help the borough move much of its IT infrastructure to the cloud by 2015.

According to Anthony Kemp, director of corporate resources at the London Borough of Hounslow, the G-Cloud simplifies the procurement process which puts more focus on the services themselves. Kemp hopes that by moving to the cloud the council will save half of its operating costs and become more flexible.

The council has not invested in IT much over the past few years, giving it an opportunity to look at all the latest developments now. It has agreed a deal with Salesforce through the G-Cloud, and is Box’s first UK customer.

Box will be used to share files within the council’s internal teams and external patners, and to manage documents. Kemp said Box is easy to use and quick to deploy. He said: “As a product, it complements our strategy of public utility cloud based computing. Initial feedback is everyone loves the product and the opportunities it will offer across the business.”


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