BCS event to help public sector deal with cyber attacks

Both public and private sector organisations are at risk of security breaches and need to keep ahead of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. To help address some of these issues, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Information Security Specialist Group (ISSG) is holding a seminar to examine Protective Monitoring and Security Information & Event Management (SIEM).

Gareth Niblett, Chairman of ISSG says: “The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ applies to many things, including information security. With cyber attacks on the increase, this seminar focuses on prevention through the use of Protective Monitoring to detect, report and respond to unexpected and undesirable activities. It brings together a number of information security professionals who are active in this field and who can explain what it is, how to do it and describe the potential challenges.”

Most systems, applications and devices create a record of the activity that has been undertaken, which is usually written into audit or event logs. These can be used to provide a unique insight into the activity on systems. This event will look at the requirements and solutions available within the growing area of the analysis of security information event data, which is often referred to as SIEM.

A Protective Monitoring solution uses the audit data that is generated by systems, applications and devices to provide visibility and an understanding of, amongst many things, who is accessing your organisations sensitive data or attempting to compromise security controls.

Open to both BCS members and non-members, this seminar will also review the concepts and practices and give guidance on implementation.

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