Four fire and emergency services collaborate on PSN-compliant network

The East Coast and Hertfordshire Control Room Consortium (ECHCRC) is collaborating with the fire and rescue services of Hertfordshire, Humberside, Lincolnshire and Norfolk to set up a Public Sector Network compliant wide area network.

The four services have signed a managed service infrastructure deal with Updata. Under the new deal the participating organisations’ emergency control rooms have been joined together, and Updata will also provide perimeter security, remote access and application security services. The deal is valued at GBP 1.2 million over five years.

Helen Dowse, programme manager at ECHCRC, said: “Lincolnshire and Humberside services have always provided mutual assistance and there has been collaboration between Norfolk and Hertfordshire for quite some time, so ECHCRC is a natural partnership for all.”

She went on to day: “Designing our own collaborative solution based on proven sustainable technologies ensures it is tailored to meet our joint and individual needs and will mitigate many risks and reduce costs.”

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