G-Cloud provider SkyScape announces price reductions

Skyscape Cloud Services has announced that it is reducing prices for its Compute-as-a-Service, Storage-as-a-Service and Email-as-a-Service offerings, in some cases by nearly 60%. The price reductions follow a thorough service review in an effort to deliver more cost-effective solutions and a superior quality of service. The review will see improved Service Level Agreements
(SLAs) and the price reductions come into effect on November 1st 2013. The changes will automatically apply to all customers and partners, not just those placing orders after that date.
According to a press release, Skyscape is able to offer these price reductions due to the significant economies of scale that its success to date has delivered.  Skyscape’s customers will also benefit from more simple and effective solutions with the introduction of the improved SLAs, automatic VM backup as standard for some service levels (previously an additional chargeable service option) and clearer connectivity options.
As a company, we are firm believers in the G-Cloud Framework and the truly transformational impact that it has had since its launch in February 2012,” said CEO Phil Dawson.  “While G-Cloud presents a simply unmissable opportunity for all, service providers must ensure they are constantly evaluating the quality and price of their offerings, as the competition in the market is now so fierce, thanks to the success of the programme in driving up standards.  We are fully committed to the fundamental principles of the Framework – transparency, integrity and agility – and as such, we will continue to ensure that we are delivering best-in-class services at the best possible prices.  After all, the now vibrant public sector marketplace really is a win-win situation for end-users and ultimately UK citizens and tax payers.”
Skyscape is currently working on over 100 projects across central government, local authorities, police, healthcare and other publicly funded bodies. 


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