Agilisys offers innovation through G-Cloud framework

Agilisys, one of the UK’s most innovative IT and business services providers, announced today it has been named as a supplier on the Government Procurement Service G-Cloud iv framework. This expands the company’s already strong presence in the CloudStore, adding new products and services such as the Agilisys Integrated Care Platform for the health and social care market, and next generation process automation tool Agilisys Automate to the list of offerings available to the public sector through this easy-to-use procurement path.

Agilisys was successful in all lots bid for, and as such now offers a total of 28 solutions across three areas: Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Specialist Cloud Services. As well as adding new products, existing products including the award-winning, citizen-centric Agilisys Revenue CollectionAgilisys Engage, and Agilisys Digital platform remain available through the CloudStore on the G-Cloud iv framework, and have experienced significant interest through this channel.

Agilisys CEO Steven Beard said: “We are delighted to expand our offerings on CloudStore through this appointment to the G-Cloud iv framework. Agilisys has consistently been one of the top ten suppliers on G-cloud by spend, and we expect this trend to continue as our customers use this increasingly valuable route to realise benefits quickly whilst reducing procurement costs.”

G-Cloud is a pan-Government collaborative framework for use by UK public sector bodies, to quickly access pre-approved cloud computing services through a dynamic procurement vehicle known as the CloudStore.

The CloudStore will help contribute to significant cost savings for its users; making the purchasing of services quicker, easier, cheaper and more transparent for the public sector and suppliers alike.

A full list of Agilisys products and services available can be found on the Agilisys supplier page on the CloudStore.

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