Memset offer local and central government pay-as-you-go cloud service under G-Cloud IV

With the standstill period for G-Cloud IV coming to a close, Memset have announced a significant bolstering of their offerings in the CloudStore with services included in Lot 1: IaaS, Lot 2: PaaS and Lot 4: Specialist Cloud Services for their newly launched pay-as-you-go service.

Offering their Miniserver Virtual Machines by the hour together with a new pay-as-you-go cloud storage product, Memset supports the G-Cloud’s vision for transparent, granular pricing driving significant cost reductions across the board.

Memset’s pay-as-you-go cloud storage service is aimed at local and central government departments looking to adopt cloud computing as part of their IT strategy.  With ongoing concerns over data security, Memset’s IL2-accreditated service is UK-hosted, appealing to public authorities who are concerned about data being hosted overseas.

Ken Smith, Memset’s Commercial Director, explains: “Cloud storage is becoming an integral part of any IT strategy across the public and private sector. We want to offer local and central government departments the chance to reap the benefits of using the cloud but without the worries over security.”

Built entirely on open source software, data can be moved quickly and easily across many different cloud storage providers if required, helping to alleviate vendor lock-in.

Memset has been a major supplier to the G-Cloud programme since its launch in February 2012 and their core IaaS product, Miniserver Virtual Machines continue to be incredibly popular thanks to their unique scalable nature, enabling them to be scaled up or down depending on resource requirements.

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