84% of suppliers on new Digital Services framework are SMEs

digital services

The Government Digital Service (GDS) and the Government Procurement Service (GPS) have put together a new Digital Services framework in a bid to match government bodies to suppliers which can help provide ‘digital by default’ public services. Nearly all the suppliers on the framework are SMEs.

Of the 183 suppliers on the framework, 84% are SMEs and around a third have never delivered a government contract before. Francis Maude, minister for the Cabinet Office, has claimed that SMEs will be a big part of the digital by default agenda.

Mr Maude said: “The Digital Services framework shows how we are leveling the playing field for government contracts and living up to our ambition to support growth by giving opportunities to new entrants and smaller suppliers who can deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions based on user need.”

He went on to say: “We want to have a highly competitive market for government business, access to innovation, and to drive growth by working with businesses of all sizes. That’s how we will deliver world-leading digital public services and build a stronger economy.”

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