HMRC set to go digital


Mark Dearnley, the new Chief Digital and Information Officer for HMRC, announced at the Ignite conference in London that HMRC will “become a fully accessible digital business.”

Dearnley set out his ideas to transform HMRC into a digital public service built on agile methods, open source software and internally developed skills.

HMRC needs to cut its operating costs by 22% and help government to close the gap of taxes owed but not paid. During this government the tax gap has increased by GBP 1 billion a year according to HMRC.

“We will aim for a single view of the customer that you will be able to log on to and view. Business and individuals will be able to have a tax account just like an online bank account. The offer will be tailored for the most tech savvy to the least,” he said.

He went on to say: “The multi-channel digital tax platform will have security at the heart of it. The new Government Identity Assurance Programme platform will be part of that.” In addition Dearnley said that real time information will be integrated with online tax return systems in order to populate bank statement data and personal information automatically. The real time information will also make it much quicker for customers to check with HMRC that their submissions have been received, as currently customers have to wait a minimum of 48 hours.

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