Policing minister lauds digitisation of police service


Policing minister Damian Green has claimed that 30 police forces have signed up to the digital pathfinders programme. The programme aims to drive digitisation in reporting crime.

Green said: “The next phase of police reform – and probably the most radical yet – is about transforming how policing is delivered at the front line. At the heart of this is how officers use technology and the importance of the role it will play.”

Green claimed that all forces are aiming to be digital by 2016, as officers should be able to access information without having to trek back to the station every time. The public also needs to be able to contact police forces conveniently.

Green said: “Why should we still expect people to come into the police station to report a crime and give evidence when they might be able to do it online? The Sussex force already allows the public to report crime and incidents online. And Avon and Somerset allows the public to track the progress of their crime online.”

According to Green, digitisation is not about creating PDFs out of paperwork and emailing it to someone else in the system, or recording digital evidence and copying it onto CDs. He said that “if this is still happening in your force, it shouldn’t be.”

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