Former White House CIO praises the G-Cloud programme


Vivek Kundra, former White House CIO, has lauded the G-Cloud programme and claimed that it has the potential to become a new model for other governments to procure IT and technology.

Kundra, who now heads Salesforce’s Industries division, claims that big multinational firms that dominate the public sector lead to problems with procurement and failed projects.

Kundra said: “The procurement process actually favours those who have a PhD in procurement process, not innovation. Because of that you are going to continue to see spectacular failures in IT. What happens is you create this alliance in an IT cartel where a few vendors know how the procurement process works and they keep winning these government contracts.”

He went on to say: “And what is their incentive? To throw more bodies at the problem. Their incentive is not to finish the project, have it delivered on time, have it be as innovative as possible – the incentives are very perverse. It’s billing. The longer it takes, the more money you are going to make. That needs to be completely rethought.”

Kundra also lauded Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude’s procurement reforms. Maude is hoping to introduce more SME suppliers in a bid to increase innovation and cut costs. The reforms are being largely supported by the G-Cloud, which levels the playing field for SME suppliers.

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