Basildon BC saves £600,000 with Qmatic self-service technologies


Basildon Borough Council’s Customer Experience Programme of Change, supported by Qmatic, has saved the council  £600,000 in its first year. The programme has centralised customer service operation to improve customer experience while cutting costs. The face-to-face service centre has been redesigned to promote self-service.

Qmatic technologies enable customers to select services on touchscreens which incorporate partner providers like the Department for Work and Pensions.

The two self-service touchscreens are accompanied by an automated payment kiosk and tablet-enabled mobile advisors. It is hoped that customers will be keen to use the self-service technologies which would reduce demand to the most costly transaction channel – face-to-face services.

Steve Williams, Managing Director at Qmatic UK, said: “Basildon Council has a huge breadth of services operating out of one building which need multi-faceted support. Working closely with the council, we have been able to change customers’ experience – people are attracted to the new system and think that it looks smart. Overall it has been viewed as a positive change, rather than change or even a service loss. Advisors are more mobile and able to do more to offer a more personalised service through a richer and broader base of advice. About a third of the UK local government uses Qmatic in this way and we’re very happy that we’ve been able to help Basildon empower its visitors and increase its customer satisfaction levels.”

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