Falkirk Council stops mobile working in a bid to keep connected to the PSN


Falkirk Council has banned most of its staff from remotely accessing council network systems and emails in a bid to avoid being disconnected from the Public Services Network. The move follows an ultimatum from the Cabinet Office which demanded that the council comply with security requirements, and the council has now received appropriate accreditation.

Fiona Campbell, the council’s head of policy, technology and improvement, said: “The council takes technical and IT security very seriously and already has robust methods in place to ensure protection of confidential and sensitive information as well as ensuring our basic systems are secure and robust.”

According to Campbell the new standards will prevent most staff from remotely accessing the council network, but that essential staff will be given secure equipment so that they are still able to.

In addition, the council’s websites will be separated into different networks. One will be for trusted sites accessible by approved staff, and one for untrusted sites for services such as schools and libraries which will be accessible by the general public. Its PSN email server has also been separated from its internal email server.

Following guidance from the Cabinet Office, the council is hoping to introduce a permanent solution for secure mobile device management for all staff. It is thought that this would cost around GBP 200,000.

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