Patients have good things to say about Epson Hospital on NHS ‘Tripadvisor’ style site


The NHS ‘Tripadvisor’ style website has good things to say about Epsom Hospital. More than 50% of the patients who have taken to the site to review the hospital have given it the highest rating available.

The Care Connect website, which went up in August, enables patients to review the care and services levels provided at their local hospital and award it a score out of five stars. The average rating of Epson Hospital is four stars, and of the 29 reviews 17 were 5-star. One review did not contain a rating and only two were 1-star. Staff has responded to comments where issues are raised.

Reviewer Emma Gillett said:“Very professional staff, worked hard in a very busy department. Staff stretched at times and dealt well at these times. A very big thank you to the delivery midwife and the community midwife.”

You can read the reviews for yourself here.

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