Smartphone users less than half as likely to engage with local gov websites

New research published by Agilisys Engage has revealed that, while smartphone use is rapidly increasing among the general population, smartphone users are currently less than half as likely to engage with local government websites as users of a laptop or PC.

The paper, Smartphone – Friend or foe to local authorities in the drive towards Channel Shift?, provides in-depth research and analysis of the device-specific ways local government websites are used. Interestingly, it shows that it’s not simply a question of how usage varies between laptops and smartphones, but also between iPhone and Android devices, demonstrating the pressing need for websites to adapt to a world with a proliferating number of different devices.

“Without truly understanding the different behaviour of the various devices and users,” the report claims, “the design and delivery of local authority online services will at best be patchy, and at worst, not meet the needs of their citizens and may ultimately lead to a significant increase in ‘frustrated user’ call volumes.”

The paper also explores how local authorities can take steps to understand and adapt to the needs of their citizens, redesigning online services  to support channel shift and boost community engagement.

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