More mobile technology needed to make the move to a ‘paperless NHS’


A Freedom of Information request by wireless technology company Spectralink has found that the majority of medical staff still rely on handwritten notes and verbal communication despite government plans for make the NHS paperless by 2018.

61% of nurses still rely on handwritten notes, charts or word of mouth, and 34% use electronic records but cannot access them on the ward floor due to a lack of desktop terminals.

Simon Watson, director of Spectralink, said: “Nurses and other healthcare professionals play a critical role in our everyday lives and should spend the bulk of their time focused on delivering exceptional patient care. However, we frequently see these highly-trained professionals spending far too much time on administrative tasks and being forced to use inefficient communication methods because they are not given the tools to help them do their jobs more efficiently.”

He continued: “There seems to be a disconnect between the antiquated technology they have to work with and the expectation of them to deliver life-saving services. This leads to considerable frustration and additional work pressure for care-givers who clearly see the need for improvement.”

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