Councils failing to adopt G-Cloud

The Government’s IT procurement system is overlooked by most local councils in the UK, said the head of the Government Digital Service (GDS) on Tuesday.

Tony Singleton, believes savings of around 80 per cent are failing to be made as councils aren’t adopting the new G-Cloud system, which is aimed to bring together suppliers and buyers in the public sector to reduce costs. During the Government ICT conference, Singleton referenced a survey from 2013 which found that around 80 per cent of local authorities had never even heard of G-Cloud.

With more than 1,000 suppliers now listed on G-Cloud and total sales on the platform reaching £78m in almost three years, he said the time had come for local government IT departments to cash in on the potential savings G-Cloud offers.

Singleton said: “We want to start working with partners across local authorities so we can get everyone to understand what G-Cloud is so we can start to make savings in local government as well as central government.”

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