50,000 people choose to pay for parking via mobile web and app in Winchester

Winchester City Council has appointed PayByPhone to handle mobile payments at its off-street car parks for a further three years.  Winchester was one of the first local authorities in England to introduce mobile payments for motorists in 2008.

Among the many service improvements with the new contract, signage in the car parks has been updated to promote the PayByPhone mobile web and app and a new local rate phone number has been introduced.  Wintonians have quickly shown a preference for using smart phone technology.  Payments made using mobile web and the app have more than doubled over the last 12 months and now account for 43% of parking payments.  While 51% of transactions are currently done via phone call in Winchester, the trend is changing and it is clear that smartphone payments are set to outstrip them, particularly as smartphone ownership becomes the norm.

“Over 60% of all mobile owners in the UK now have smartphones and advances in mobile phone technology are changing the way that people use them.  Keeping in touch is now mostly done using social media apps rather than phone calls, so it is imperative that our service reflects this behaviour and is easy and convenient to use,” said Robin Bevan, Consumer Marketing Director at PayByPhone.

Over 50,000 people have now signed up to use PayByPhone in Winchester and the service now forms an important part of the city’s parking strategy.

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