Digital Unite’s Spring Online campaign to be held in March

Volunteers and organisations are being urged to get involved with this year’s Spring Online campaign to help more people to get online and improve their digital skills.

Spring Online in association with Carphone Warehouse, is Digital Unite’s digital inclusion initiative that makes it possible for thousands of people, often older people, to try out using computers, tablets and the internet.

During one week (31 March – 4 April 2014) thousands of free Spring Online taster events and sessions are held across the UK to help and inspire local people achieve a lasting use of the internet.
In 2013 20,000 people were helped to get online, many for the first time, at hundreds of Spring Online events across the UK.
Currently around 7 million people have never used the internet and 6 million of those are aged over 55 years. Many more can’t do basic online tasks like sending emails or searching the web. With the Government and others moving to ‘digital by default’,  helping people to start using the internet has never been so important and the campaign provides an ideal platform for organisations to advance their digital inclusion work among service users.
Digital Unite supports all event holders with downloadable posters, leaflets and certificates, activity ideas to do with learners and friendly advice and guidance. So whether you have access to one computer or tablet or a whole room full of them, Spring Online is an ideal opportunity to help more people make the internet part of their everyday lives.

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