Website to bring together people and the healthcare community launched in West Midlands

A new web platform, to bring together people and the healthcare community, has been launched in the West Midlands.

With the responsibility of public health falling into the hands of local authorities and the drive for integration in healthcare, the website is designed to facilitate the cultural changes and attitudes in the community.

The website, built in partnership with the Kings Fund,  is built upon building relationships and connections in the community, as well as clarifying who does what and how much information is held by organisations. It is hoped to develop more integrated services envisioned in the Health & Social Care Act 2012.

The site has four main features:

  • A sophisticated directory/contact finder to enable users to browse, identify and contact individuals from all health and social care  professions, in all organisations across the region
  • A resources database which enables users to easily locate relevant/latest high level documents;
  • Data visualisation tools to help users make sense of the region’s location, socio-economic and outcomes data;
  • A ‘communities’ section to enable professional networking, with public or private groups to enable discussion and sharing around specific topics

Nick Bell CEO at Staffordshire said: “The challenges posed to the health and social care system by integration and specifically the Better Care Fund are not simple. This platform provides a practical way of us working together in the region. Technology has got to have a role to play. This site provides an example of how technology can assist organisations in building new relationships and connections across the system.” 

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