Dorset County Council criticised for not using CloudStore

A local council has defended itself against criticism following its decision to issue a tender for an ICT framework instead of using the government’s CloudStore.

A tender worth between £1m and £100m was issued by Dorset County Council last month. Its aims to externally source “ICT technical resources” where it currently lacks the ability to do so in-house.

Critics are claiming that many of the services it’s seeking could be provided by the Government’s CloudStore. However, the council insisted it was not an “alternative or competitor” to CloudStore, in a statement to Cloud Pro.

“Future project requirements will include a blend of on premise and cloud solutions. We see this procurement as complementary to the CloudStore and we will continue to use G-Cloud services as appropriate,” the statement added.

Georgina O’Toole, a public sector-focused director at analyst house TechMarketView, said she sees nothing strange with Dorset’s blended approach to ICT procurement.

“Using G-Cloud for parts of a requirement is exactly the approach most government organisations are taking,” she told Cloud Pro.

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