Agilisys launches ‘Agilisys Automate’

IT and business solutions company Agilisys has announced the launch of its newest offering, Agilisys Automate, a hosted Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) that streamlines the processing of all inbound correspondence — post, fax, email, even SMS — with the potential to deliver millions of pounds of savings to meet necessary targets while still preserving spend on front-line service delivery.

This solution combines Agilisys’ extensive experience delivering customer-focused digital public services to the local government market with Celaton’s proven inSTREAM™  technology, which typically reduces clerical and administrative processes by approximately 70%, saving many millions of pounds for customers in complex regulated and customer-focused sectors including retail, travel, and insurance.

Unlike traditional document-processing software, Agilisys Automate applies artificial intelligence to streamline labour intensive clerical tasks in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

Unique to Automate is its ability to learn through the natural consequence of processing any inbound correspondence– both structured and unstructured — received by an authority.  Automate is especially beneficial for document and communications-intensive services such as housing, council tax, accounts payable, parking and social care, as well as more generalised customer services. For example, an average larger housing benefits team could realise savings of approximately £500,000/year using Automate for more routine interactions, allowing specialists to focus on strategic front-line service delivery to residents.

At a recent Automate forum in Wigan attended by senior officers from six of the ten greater Manchester authorities, Suzanne Heywood, Head of Customer and Business Support Services at Oldham Council remarked “As an innovative authority, Oldham Council is always looking for new ways technology can help improve services to citizens whilst keeping costs low. We were impressed by what we see as Automate’s potential to free up much needed resources for valuable front-line service delivery and look forward to working with Agilisys to complete an initial diagnostic – at no cost to the council – to understand exactly what benefits could be realised through an implementation of Automate at Oldham.”

Agilisys CEO Steven Beard commented, “I’m extremely excited about the launch of Agilisys Automate, given its ability to reduce processing costs by up to 70%, generating hundreds of thousands of pounds of in savings each year for local government and other public sector organisations. Automate is another example of our passion for and experience of working with the public sector to transform and improve service delivery to citizens through intelligent use of technology and data, and we’ve already seen strong interest from authorities who have experienced the product. Just like our ground-breaking Agilisys Digital citizen portal and Agilisys Engage website personalisation technology, Automate can help organisations meet the challenges of the Digital by Default agenda by making information easily available to citizens online, increasing transparency and accountability.”

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