Public Health England’s Longer Lives website wins international design award

PHE’s Longer Lives website won first place in the ‘disrupting’ category for completely re-imagining an existing product or service by creating new behaviours, usages or markets at the international 2014 Interaction Awards.

The website was developed by PHE’s Knowledge and Intelligence team (KIT) (East), led by Julian Flowers, in conjunction with SapientNitro, and with support from the South East and East Midlands KITs. Using existing data and a unique design it presents information about premature mortality across England in an accessible and engaging way.

Longer Lives was up against global competition with projects from the Royal College of Art and Fisher-Price to name a few. The award draws international attention to a great collaborative project which creatively delivers information about local and national health inequalities.

Dr Julian Flowers, PHE’s Knowledge and Intelligence (East) Director, said: “This project is a great piece of work across teams to present data for the 4 biggest causes of premature mortality in England: cancer, heart disease and stroke, lung disease and liver disease.

We designed this website to support local authorities in identifying their priorities and to help guide their health and wellbeing strategies. Most importantly, voting was open to the public so we extend our thanks to those who recognised our efforts and of course a special mention to Daniel Flint, PHE’s Longer Lives lead developer, who wrote the software for this extensive project.”


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