G-Cloud 5 to usher in more robust system

In response to calls for a more robust interface and framework, capable of supplier scrutiny, the G-Cloud is entering its fifth iteration – G-Cloud 5.

The Cabinet Office said in a blog post that G-Cloud 5 “is similar to G-Cloud 4 in scope, but we’ve updated the guidance and supporting information to help make it easier to apply”.

The new version was welcomed by Nicky Stewart, commercial director of Skyscape Cloud Services, who told Cloud Pro: “The guidance and supporting information for potential providers is clear and de-mystified, and Skyscape would expect this clarity to encourage suppliers who have previously been frightened away from government tenders to bid.

“The ongoing evolution of G-Cloud will open up the market to more newcomers, on both buy and supply side, and help drive forward the adoption of cloud computing in the UK public sector.”

Suppliers across the board also welcomed a more up-to-date G-Cloud.

Elizabth Vega, CEO of Informed Solutions, said: “Each iteration of G-Cloud has enticed more suppliers to offer their products and services … [However] the search and discovery tools still need to be impvoved so there are more intelligent query building facilities – it is a source of frustration at present.

“There is also still a job to do to reach the far corners of the public sector so buyers more consistently understand and are confident in sourcing from the service providers available through G-Cloud.”

The tender submission deadline is currently set for 3pm on 10 April, with intention to award notices being issued on 2 May.

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