Online voting and results needed to encourage young voters: report

Research organisation Democratic Audit has published a report titled ‘Engaging young voters with enhanced election information’ according to which online resources provided by the Electoral Commission, BBC, local authorities and others do not present information in an integrated and user-friendly way.

Some of the recommendations included in the report are as folllows:

  • The Cabinet Office, government and Electoral Commission should urgently review the easy-access online provision of election information before all forms of UK elections, and the timely online provision of election results after voting, with the aim of achieving common and robust standards across all elections and radical improvements in digital access by the 2015 general election.
  • These bodies also consider how integrated, comprehensive sources of election results can encourage the easy development of voting and participation apps (on phones and PCs) by the widest possible range of media, charities, NGOs, universities and parties.
  • A large-scale local experiment with online and weekend voting should be organised as soon as feasible.

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