Scotland announces £10m telehealth fund to support self-monitoring

Scotland’s Health Secretary has announced £10m of NHS funding to support the expansion of home health monitoring.

Alex Neil said that the money will give people the resources to self-care, using technology such as iPads and smartphones to monitor conditions like diabetes and heart problems from home.

Mr Neil was leading a debate entitled ‘Update on Delivering the 2020 Vision in NHS Scotland’.

The health secretary said: “I am pleased to confirm to the Chamber that an additional £10m of funding will be provided to NHS Boards to support the expansion of home health monitoring solutions across Scotland as part of an integrated care package.”

“I can confirm that I am setting the ambitious goal of creating a personalised electronic patient record for citizens in Scotland by 2020.

“This will allow people to digitally access and jointly manage the health and care information that is important to them and their wellbeing.”

According to Mr Neil past efforts in telecare and telemedicine have meant that £2.8 million has been “ploughed back” into Scottish frontline services and reduced emergency admissions to hospital by 70 per cent.

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