Outreach case management engine updated with advice from government departments

Toplevel has added seamless web support for mobile computing devices with the addition of the Responsive Design feature to the Outreach case management engine. Outreach now automatically adapts the web interface to suit mobile or desktop users, displaying tailored web pages, fields and functions to suit the platform being used to access the portal. The Responsive Design feature is further complemented by Design Studio, a feature that allows non-technical staff to customise and make changes to the Outreach system, and the open approach has also seen support extended for third party integration with the addition of SQL Server Reporting.

A consistent user interface is vital to the increase in take-up of digital services – or inclusivity – as advocated by central and local government. Recent statistics released by GOV.UK reveal that mobiles and tablets account for almost 40 per cent of all website traffic. The Outreach case management engine is now placed to capitalise upon this trend, automatically configuring the online display to the type of device being used, and enhancing the user experience through a customisable display.

Outreach Responsive Design has been developed in concert with government departments, including the Home Office. Emma Charles, Digital Communications Team Leader, Home Office Digital Team said: “The Toplevel service is central to the success of our digital services transformation project. It’s a great product that offers excellent value for money and the Toplevel team have worked alongside us to meet and exceed the criteria and standards that emerged from the Government Digital Service in the course of the project.”

Jane Roberts,
Toplevel’s Strategy Director explains what the programme does: “Outreach delivers a seamless experience to any user over any device. From a member of the public filling in a simple eForm using an iPhone, to a member of staff using a sophisticated case management solution away from the office with an Android tablet, Outreach automatically provides a consistent interface. It’s ease of use, configurability, security and ability to integrate with third party systems, ensure it can deliver on the promise of inclusivity now and into the future.”

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