Local authorities can save £10.3 million annually by embracing mobility: report

If every major internal department such as human resources, customer service and information technology at a local authority were to implement mobility, the entire organisation could save taxpayers more than £10 million per year, according to independent consultancy Bluefin Solutions.

“Local authorities are actively transforming but they could do even more by adopting new technologies to improve the way employees work and serve taxpayers,” said Chris Smith, Head of Public Sector at Bluefin Solutions. “Mobile government is an untapped opportunity for public sector leaders. Yet, the key to success is for department heads to work together in order to ensure everyone – inside and outside the organisation – is connected to information through phones, laptops and more.”

Bluefin sets out in its report titled ‘Mobility can save local authorities £10.3 million’ how individual departments can go beyond traditional cost reduction programmes to find innovative savings, improve taxpayer satisfaction and increase employee productivity and morale.

According to the report:

  • Chief Executive can deliver £2.7 million per year by motivating employees. This is possible by giving employees the choice to use consumer-like, socially enabled technologies such as mobile-accessed collaboration platforms
  • Head of Transformation can deliver £1.6 million per year by creating self-service government by centralising services via a website. This would reduce operating costs and improve customer satisfaction
  • Head of Customer Service can deliver £2.7 million per year by digitalising data so information is available to front-line staff on laptops, smart phones and mobiles. Making insight accessible on-demand anywhere, at any time, would deliver better and personalised services to taxpayers
  • Head of Human Resources can deliver £1.1 million per year by enabling employees to submit timesheets and expenses using a mobile device. This will free staff up to focus on the value-creating work they are paid to do, not spending time doing admin
  • Head of Information Technology can deliver £2.2 million per year by establishing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. This would enable employees to access information at work and out of the office.

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