Guide on how local authorities can deploy PSN-friendly mobile solutions

Becrypt has  published Becrypt Good Practice guide for local authorities looking to meet the government’s end-user device (EUD) requirements, which are an essential element of the Code of Connection for the Public Services Network (PSN). Summarising relevant government guidance, the publication outlines how local authorities can work towards complying with CESG’s requirements by taking advantage of thin-client technology.

Dr. Bernard Parsons, CEO of Becrypt said; “Where it has been common practice for public sector workers to connect to Local Government systems from a home computer using some form of VPN access, many Local Authorities are now looking for a low cost, compliant remote working solution, which provides a good user experience. The Becrypt Good Practice Guide has been designed to summarise how Becrypt’s award winning Secure Remote Access solutions relate to the Government requirements.”

The Becrypt Good Practice Guide includes detailed sections on:

  • Implications of unmanaged machines connecting to the PSN
  • Understanding and complying with PSN CoCo
  • Government’s End User Device (EUD) Platform Guidance – how to mitigate risk and ensure technical control

Parsons continued: “Becrypt has developed an alternative approach to more traditional solutions – such as laptops which can present a significant budgetary burden – that enables Authorities to either repurpose older equipment or to use lower spec equipment, such as netbooks, to run a Virtual Desktop session without the traditional Windows-based technology stack. While saving considerable costs, both in the initial procurement and set up of the devices, and the on-going maintenance overhead, this approach also provides a highly robust and secure solution, and a good user experience.”

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