Environment Agency moves to GOV.UK

The Environment Agency is moving to GOV.UK. Its new web address will be www.gov.uk/environment-agency. On 1 April the public will be able to take a look and use the search function to find content on flood, waste, etc.

The old website will close on 8 April 2014 – the sitemap will be usable but the search function will be removed.

When the website has closed, users’ bookmarks and saved links will still take them to the information they need. They will either automatically be redirected to Environment Agency content on GOV.UK or to The National Archives.

Moreover, the move to GOV.UK won’t affect existing online services. Citizens will still be able to access key services, like flood warnings, electronic public register and what’s happening in their backyard, using the same web links they currently use. Or they can find links to them on GOV.UK.

Environment Agency is encouraging users to use the feedback links on the new website that can be found at the bottom of most pages.

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