UK launches first national Computer Emergency Response Team

The Rt Hon Francis Maude MP  launched CERT-UK, the UK’s national Computer Emergency Response Team, with industry representatives and international partners Monday morning.

CERT-UK will take the lead in coordinating the management of national cyber security incidents and will act as the UK central contact point for international counterparts in this field.

CERT-UK will work closely with industry, government and academia to enhance UK cyber resilience. This includes exercising with government departments and industry partners, sharing information with UK industry and academic computer emergency response teams and collaborating with national CERTs around the globe to enhance our understanding of the cyber threat.

Delivering another pillar of the National Cyber Security Programme, the Cabinet Office Minister responsible for Cyber Security, Francis Maude said: “We know government cannot do everything by itself. CERT-UK shows we want closer coordination between government, business and academia to share insight and advice, as well as better cooperation with our international partners.

The job of protecting our security will never be done – it will always be a work in progress. But, from today, CERT-UK means we are better prepared, better informed, better connected and ultimately more resilient.” 

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