Socitm’s new president wants to help local councils with PSN

Socitm has confirmed Nick Roberts, IT Group Manager for Surrey County Council, as its new President.

Nick Roberts said that among other things, he would be building on the work Socitm has been doing to guide and support councils with the challenges of Information Assurance compliance and Public Services Network (PSN) connectivity.

Socitm has helped in establishing the PSN Solutions Advisory Group (SAG), shared across all UK local public services and initially resourced in kind and with crowdsourced funding from the sector, to help organisations to implement solutions that are both innovative and secure.

Delegates at the event were told that the initiative to crowdsource funding from local authorities had got off to a successful start, but that further funding was needed. They were also told that SAG is to receive funding from the Public Services Network Industry Association, PSNGB, which will pay for an independent consultant work under its auspices.

Nick Roberts also highlighted to the society’s Annual General Meeting a new Socitm initiative to bring together technology thought leaders from both local public services and industry to grapple with the most challenging business problems and identify and shape potential technology solutions to meet these. Proposals for a Socitm Technology Board to take this forward are currently in development.

Nick highlighted the importance of consultation with members to best capture these issues as well as the need to represent members’ interests strongly through clear communications.  Commenting on these challenges, Nick said “There is a tremendous opportunity for Socitm to facilitate an important dialogue with IT and digital suppliers on behalf of the local public sector, to explore potential solutions on the technology roadmap and help shape them for the mutual benefit of citizens, public services, and suppliers.” 

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