Govt supports website which helps community groups with info and funding

The Community Development Foundation has launched a new website called Just Act, which helps anyone involved with a community project to find information and resources.

It features a combination of crowd-sourced content, links to other websites and a forum where people can chat and ask questions.

CDF is managing the Just Act site, which is supported by the government and the leading organisations working to support community activity.

People who may not think of themselves as “community activists” but want to start a community project, will be able to find so friendly and informal help and advice.

And people who are already active in their local community will find plenty of resources on how to find funding, expand their project or ways to run their project more effectively.

Through focus groups and user testing events around the country, CDF is confident that the website is responding to the needs of people running community projects.

According to Stephen Williams, Communities Minister, Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG): “I am delighted to see the launch of Just Act. We want to see all communities use the opportunities we have provided to step up and take control and finding the right help and resources is absolutely key. I hope that communities and individuals all over the country will use Just Act to help them start their own journey towards greater activism and control of local issues.”

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