Industry association for PSN suppliers will help to improve local public services

PSNGB, the industry association for PSN suppliers and the Local Government Solutions Advisory Group, coordinated by Socitm, have announced that they will work together as part of an innovative network of subject matter experts.  The joint aim is to develop and promote solutions that accelerate and enable collaboration between local public services; improving outcomes, efficiency and customer experience.

PSNGB Public Sector Liaison Director, Neil Bacon, said “PSNGB is pleased to announce that we have been able to rally behind the important work that the Local Government Solutions Advisory Group are aiming to deliver with a substantial offer of independent consultancy support for the next 12 months”.

The primary common infrastructure for the majority of government communications in the UK, PSN aims to save money and enable better, more efficient and joined-up public services.  It is the trusted, shared infrastructure that connects increasing numbers of organisations delivering public services to each other and to cloud based and hosted services they can use or share.

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