G-Cloud to go live on 22nd May

According to reports G-Cloud 5 is set to be the most successful version of the UK government’s G-Cloud programme. The number of applications has been huge and the Cabinet Office has announced that the Intention of Award letters will not go out until 9th May. The final go live date has been set for 22nd May.

Suppliers will be able to continue selling services as a result of G-Cloud iii’s launch being extended to 22nd May 2014. Continuity of service to government buyers is paramount in this case. Buyers who want to make purchases now need to consider the ability of completing a G-Cloud iii procurement cycle within the next seventeen days. Otherwise they should hold off buying until G-Cloud 5 on 22nd May.

There have been a number of controversies surrounding G-Cloud 5 since its launch. For example, several suppliers, led by Skyscape have urged the UK Government to be more stringent on requirements and invest more in education.

Moreover, G-Cloud supremo Denise McDonagh is concerned about the ability of users to understand the cloud model and the idea of commodity services. An example of this concern is highlighted in the fact government departments have been asking for cloud services to be customised for their use. According to McDonagh this has to stop.

Nevertheless, G-Cloud has been a major success for central government and it appears the message it carries is beginning to permeate across local government. G-Cloud 5 must now further democratise IT across all layers of Government therefore delivering the savings it is expected to bring.

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