A guide to strategic cloud adoption for government

Since the government announced its Cloud First Policy in 2013, many government organisations have successfully deployed cloud for tactical purposes, such as an application to address a specific need.

However the government’s vision was bigger than this – the Cloud First policy was intended not only to drive wider adoption of cost-effective cloud computing in the public sector, but in a wider sense was also an indication of the government’s vision for the cloud as a means of enabling more strategic transformation.

As Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office commented: “The Cloud First policy will embed the skills a modern civil service needs to meet the demands of 21st-century digital government and help us get ahead in the global race.”

It is not always easy, however, to make the move from deploying the cloud for tactical purposes to a more strategic approach that addresses broader aims and business objectives.

In order to help provide a pathway through this process, public sector IT services provider, Eduserv, has produced a new step-by-step guide to strategic cloud adoption for government.

The guide, designed for senior officers within government who are responsible for business and IT transformation, estate management and mapping their organisation’s IT to its business strategy, looks in detail at the different stages an organisation needs to work through to adopt cloud and strategically transform its business.

Download the full guide below to find out more about the key recommendations that will help you move forward with confidence:

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