Cloud-based mapping system available in all West Sussex councils

Parish Online, a cloud-based mapping system, is now available for every town and parish Council within West Sussex. In a three year partnership with Getmapping, West Sussex County Council is sharing its definitive GIS data as well as providing this mapping tool to help local councils carry out their devolved responsibilities.

Key geographic datasets such as tree ownership, gully locations and a variety of highways maintenance layers gives Clerks and Councillors greater visibility of their local infrastructure enabling them to better plan, commission and carry out local improvement works.

Parish Online includes a variety of searching, printing and editing tools which can also be used to help Local Councils develop their Neighbourhood Plans, plot and account for their physical assets, consult on planning applications, assess insurance risk and record surface water issues.

Duncan Barratt, Community and Economic Development Manager from West Sussex County Council explains the benefits of the new partnership, “As our local councils gain more responsibility it’s important to ensure they have the right tools for the job. Digital mapping is a powerful aid and can assist them by providing location intelligence and a unified view from the County Council across to the Town and Parish. By using Getmapping’s cloud-based technology, access to this information is easy, consistent and cost-effective. All this enables informed decision-making which is in line with our ultimate aim to make the towns and villages in West Sussex great places to live and work.”

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