East Dunbartonshire council installs SmartVoice ViewPoint to measure customer satisfaction

East Dunbartonshire Council is making a move to encourage people to say what they think of the service they have received with the deployment of SmartVoice ViewPoint, a new customer feedback solution from Sinclair Voicenet.

According to East Dunbartonshire Council: “We selected SmartVoice ViewPoint as it provided us with a cost effective way to quantify the customer service experience in real-time, enabling us to take instant action should our contact centre fail to meet its usual high standards. In addition, the fact that the system could be deployed on a hosted basis with no capital expenditure required delivered best value to the Council.”

The system went live at the end of January 2014 and is enabling the Council to carry out over 250 telephone-based surveys and an unlimited number of web-surveys each month to find out what customers really think of the service they have received online, from the customer contact centre and in the face-to-face customer service hubs.

SmartVoice ViewPoint provides East Dunbartonshire Council with an easy way for customers to express their opinions, through on-line technology, on telephone or face to face. 

SmartVoice ViewPoint also provides a web-based dashboard with a comprehensive range of reporting tools to automatically create and deliver bespoke management reports to designated employees and stakeholders. Surveys can be tagged with additional data relating to different services, teams or locations to give a clearer view of how the council is performing and results can be viewed instantly using desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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