Government endorses internet safety campaign for children

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey has welcomed the launch of Internet Matters, a joint internet safety campaign by the 4 main Internet Service Providers.

The campaign by BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin aims to help parents keep their children safe online by providing them with simple, easy and practical advice.

Some tips on the website include seting a child friendly homepage; using safe search on Google and YouTube; agreeing rules on time spent online. Parents can also learn more about the activities, technologies and sites their kids may be visiting.

Ed Vaizey said: “The government takes the issue of child safety online extremely seriously and is delighted to see the ISPs fulfil their commitment to the Prime Minister and come together to help parents with information on how to keep their children safe online and how to talk to them about using the internet safely.

The Internet Matters campaign is the latest in a series of measures to help parents in this area, including action on family friendly filters that allow parents to prevent their children from accessing potentially harmful content, more filters on public wifi in areas where children are likely to be and the introduction of online safety to the new national curriculum.

This excellent campaign can make a real difference and help the UK to lead the way on this issue.”

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