iNurse tablet tech rolled out across East London

Following a successful bid for funding from the Nursing Technology Fund, East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) is equipping 30 members of its Children’s Services Team with iNurse, a mobile patient management system from Advanced Health & Care.

Around 30 iNurse-enabled tablets are being rolled out in May 2014 and the anticipated savings will enable the Children’s Services Team to meet stringent NHS efficiency targets as well as optimise service delivery. The implementation follows the successful roll-out of iNurse to 100 members of ELFT’s Community Nursing Team in December 2013.

Ian McKay, Head of Children’s Services for ELFT’s Newham service comments: “We are deploying iNurse to teams where reducing the administrative workload will very quickly make a positive difference. An example is when providing immunisation to multiple pupils during a single school visit – a particularly labour intensive task.”

The key benefits include real-time record keeping, improved staff access to patient records and reduced travel time.

“iNurse will enable the team to access the school lists we are provided with ahead of visits and download medical records for every pupil. Once a child has been vaccinated, iNurse is used to record this information in the patient record which is then forwarded to be held centrally in our Electronic Care Record system,” McKay added.

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