London first region in UK to connect all local authorities and services to PSN

London has become the first region in the UK to connect all its local authorities and services to the Public Services Network (PSN), as part of the Government’s 2012 shared services agenda.

All 33 boroughs across the capital are now fully transitioned and migrated to the PSN, through London Public Services Network (LondonPSN) an initiative coordinated for the authorities by London Grid Ltd and powered by Virgin Media Business. The telecoms company is a key partner of the Public Services Network, contributing to a saving of up to £500m* of taxpayers’ money through the digitalisation of public services.

Virgin Media Business now provides cost-effective communication procurement for all London public bodies in partnership with LondonPSN, following the transition which has been completed in less than a year.

The shared network, as well as supporting schools and other public sector bodies, provides Local Authorities across the capital with essential local access to facilities such as Department of Work and Pensions, the Government Secure Intranet service and the Department of Health N3 service.

It also encourages data and service sharing across all borough councils, improving efficiency and allowing staff to work more flexibly. This will also help provide a more streamlined and cost-effective service for local residents and businesses.

Mario Di Mascio, Executive Sales Director at Virgin Media Business, said: “Creating one single network for London councils is a huge step in the right direction towards a truly connected capital. Bringing these boroughs together is not only bringing huge cost savings, but is ensuring that for the first time Londoners can benefit from a completely connected city and its streamlined services.” 

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