Take the ‘Do you do digital?’ test

Following publication of Socitm’s Do you do digital? guide, the IT and digital professionals organisation has created an interactive test to allow individuals to assess their organisation’s corporate commitment to digital working and its capacity to deliver it.

Testers are invited to answer nine questions about corporate commitment to digital (eg is there effective leadership, clear set of priorities, policy of transparency, strong digital capability etc) and a further nine questions about digital capability (eg are there sufficient digital skills, a website that supports digital delivery, processes to measure demand, tools for digital engagement with citizens, plan for assisted digital services etc).

Once testers have submitted their response, they can see the detailed results for the survey split by sector (local authority, housing etc) and job role (corporate team, web team, etc). Those individuals who complete tests can return and see up-to-date results at any time.

The Do you do digital? interactive test has been developed in collaboration with theinformationdaily.com and the test, and results from tests completed so far, can be accessed online at dodigital.theinformationdaily.com/dodigital.

Some interesting patterns are already emerging from the testing. For example, local authority staff attending the Learning from Better connected event on May 14th were invited to complete the test. Results from those categorizing themselves as web team members generally give low scores to corporate commitment and higher scores for digital capability. This contrasts with answers from people in corporate management, who have a much rosier view of both their organisation’s corporate commitment and digital capability.

This simple test is quick to do but stimulates important thinking about elements of corporate commitment and digital capability that need to be in place before an organisation can consider itself truly ‘digital’ “, says Martin Greenwood of Socitm Insight. “We hope everyone with an interest in digital will take the test and encourage their colleagues to do so too – the more responses we get for every organisation type and job role, the more useful the test results will be.”

The test complements Do you do digital?  the short and highly visual guide to ‘digital’ for top management teams in local public services published by Socitm in April. 

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