Eduserv launches secure cloud migration service

Eduserv, the not-for-profit managed-cloud services provider, has launched a service to support government in their migration to Pan Government Accredited cloud.

Eduserv launch the service as they become one of the first organisations to have their IL3 cloud services awarded full accreditation in-line with the government’s new security classifications.

Alongside the capability to host Information Assets marked OFFICIAL, that may formerly have been marked as RESTRICTED or assessed as Business Impact Level 3, Eduserv will offer buyers the option of a full Cloud Migration Service including Cloud Adoption Assessment, Cloud Service Design and Cloud Migration – all supported by project management and other managed services.

Max Elliott-Massouras, Technical Authority for Eduserv’s Cloud Compute (IL3) platform, says: “We now offer a comprehensive suite of managed services on top of our IL3 infrastructure to simplify the move to cloud and allow organisations to concentrate on their core business activities.”

Eduserv will also offer buyers a range of new hybrid cloud solutions which support a mix of on and off-premise hosting, private and public cloud, and hosting at mixed impact levels from IL0-3.

Eduserv wanted to offer customers more than simply infrastructure as a service to help provide them flexibility and responsiveness all supported by high levels of security. Max explains: “Our cloud professional services coupled with our Pan Government Accredited multi-tenant platforms and managed services allow customers to benefit from economies of scale but with the added level of security normally only achieved with private cloud or bespoke solutions. Eduserv’s managed services also ease the burden of PSN compliance our customers are currently enduring. ”

Ivan Harris, Cloud Business Manager at Eduserv elaborates: “For government to feel confident in truly realising the benefits of cloud they need to look at a more strategic adoption process. To help them do this we’ve put security at the heart of our services to provide reassurance when hosting OFFICIAL information. In addition to having our own UK data centre and accredited cloud services connected via the Public Services Network, we also wanted to offer consultancy services to help create solutions that are right for the individual government department.”

Eduserv worked with Auriga Consulting to accredit their cloud services. Louise T. Dunne, Managing Director of Auriga, says: “We worked with Eduserv’s specialists to provide guidance on meeting new and emerging government security compliance requirements, such as the Government Security Classifications Policy (GSCP). We are delighted to have been able to assist Eduserv in becoming one of the select few cloud service providers to achieve PGA IL3.”

Max Elliott-Massouras is author of ‘A Guide to Procuring Accredited Cloud Services’ – a step-by-step guide to help government organisations throughout the process of procuring cloud services via CloudStore. Visit the Eduserv website to download your free copy.

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