LocalGovCamp to include a hack day in partnership with Nesta

LocalGovCamp, the unconference for local government, takes place in Birmingham on Saturday 21 June and this year it’s organised by LocalGov Digital.

In addition to the main event, there are also fringe events on Friday 20 June, including a hack day, run by LocalGov Digital Makers in partnership with innovation charity Nesta.

A hack day is an event where programmers and others involved in digital development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers come together to collaborate intensively on projects. On 20 June the Makers’ Hack Day will attempt to solve problems faced by local governments and people who user their services.

People involved in local government or are interested in making things better for those who use council services by doing a bit of civic coding or design should attend and help solve real problem identified by front line council staff.

There will be coverage on YouTube and social media, and the finale will see the day join with another fringe event, the Leaders Summit where teams will present what they’ve accomplished to hackers and senior council management and council leaders with a view to continuing the work after the day finishes.

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