Zesty teams up with NHS to provide online booking service

The first free online healthcare appointment booking service has launched and will initially be available in London. It will give users access to 10,000+ available appointments every day across a combination of private and NHS practices.

The service will also allow users to find health providers, read reviews and book online 24/7 and fill last minute appointments freed through cancellations.

To book an appointment users simply provide their name, email address and contact telephone number. Zesty never asks for additional information such as symptoms and reasons for booking and any information provided is only ever shared with the intended healthcare professional.

Appointments are frequently cancelled during the day and previously healthcare providers have struggled to fill these at short notice, which is why Zesty has teamed up with private and NHS clinics to make these appointments available to the general public.

Lloyd Price, Co Founder of Zesty, comments: “Every day thousands of healthcare professionals are left with gaps in their schedule due to last minute cancellations, but at the same time people struggling to get an appointment regularly hit the headlines.

“By providing users with access to these appointments Zesty is unlocking this lost time for the first time, allowing people to see a healthcare professional in seconds at a time and location that suits them.”

Zesty currently provides access to over 10,000 appointments a day, from a range of healthcare services including; physiotherapy, osteopathy, private doctors, NHS and private dentistry, NHS and private sexual health clinics, facial rejuvenation and dermatology.

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