Rural Broadband Debate to discuss cooperation of mobile phone companies

Combining technologies and mobile phone companies working together more closely could be one of the solutions to ensuring better and more frequent broadband coverage in rural areas.

This and other issues will be discussed by experts from the fibre, wireless and satellite industries at the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Rural Broadband Debate.

Taking place in central London on Tuesday 10 June, panellists will representatives from BT and Vodafone as well as Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, Chi Onwurah MP.

This debate will also look at government policy and hear from a range of experts from the fibre, wireless and satellite industries how best to reach the rural population, providing them with a reasonable service at a reasonable price.

Prof Will Stewart from the IET said: “There are a number of possible solutions to deal with the lack of broadband service in many rural areas. The IET has looked at this and argues that it is about a smart network being attentive to the customer’s needs and combining the technologies and end-to-end infrastructure together to meet them. In doing this we can reduce costs while extending the reach and speed of internet access to rural areas.

“Examples could include mobile phone companies sharing phone masts and frequency spectrum, leading to significant cost reductions with improved service to customers.  Such user-demand-attentive smart systems could improve reach in rural areas without excessive cost.

The IET Rural Broadband Debate takes place from 9am – 12noon on Tuesday 10 June at Broadway House, Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9NQ.


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